Queen of all pir8tes

Wow guys, you did it! 3000+ followers! And as promised, you’ll get your Shimeji!
Your very own tiny Mindfang to mess with your dashboard. Or if you are lucky she’ll just look good. ;)
>You can get it here!< Or here: >Another cool and awesome link< Just download the .zip file and unzip it!
Next thing you have to do is clicking the Shimeji-ee file and you are done. Easy, isn’t it?

Thanks to ruf1oh for giving me the files to work with!
And because I’m an evil pir8 I’ll steal some of Cavalreapers info stuff because I’m as technologically challenged as a potato. Maybe even more.
So this is a guide for mac users.

Have fun and send me screenshots! I wanna know how it works for you! And tag your adventures with her as #Spinneji, so I can see that too. I’m tracking that tag now!

(And a little promotion for the Summeji, in case you didn’t download it yet. Because you totally should! Happy shimeji-shipping.)

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